How to Recover Stolen Crypto, Bitcoin or Eth

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5 min readOct 9, 2022


a-If you are certain that you are scammed, rug pulled or hacked, and your crypto is ended at a centralized exchange, or there is an ongoing hack/scam, please don’t lose any time and engage us directly at: — tg:

b-That article doesn’t provide exclusive legal advice for you, but it provides a piece of general legal advice for blockchain, crypto users/victims. Every single hack/scam can have very different aspects and evidence, so we are writing that article to give you a general legal view.
We highly recommend you consult a blockchain criminal lawyer or firm.


First of all, centralized Exchanges such as Binance, FTX, Kucoin, and others won’t be able to help you, even though your funds are sent here. The reason is simple: property rights.

Second, they won’t be able to verify whether you are scammed, rug pulled/hacked for sure, or you are a scammer or a part of a fraudulent organization. On very rare occasions, they might be interested and take action due to high community or media interest if there is an obvious scam such as the Squid Game Token.

Third, the local investigation authorities are not experts in blockchain or crypto; often, they need assistance or guidance from us. Filing a criminal report online won’t provide a 100% solution to your investigation file.

Unfortunately, hacking and scamming in crypto have many different methods and are hard to trace. Some countries don’t investigate on purpose and motivate hackers, even some of them are directly connected with the states.

You will see some organizations, such as CipherBlade, that claims to have helped recover millions of dollars of stolen cryptocurrency. Actually, it's not 100% true, and it’s not what you understand; you pay them, they prepare a report, and it's all, and somehow, if your lawyer recovers your funds, they will consider they helped you.

1-Tracing — end point is a Mixer

You either need to trace your stolen crypto on blockchain explorers such as etherscan or any other alternative on the layer where the incident happened.

Often your crypto will go to crypto mixers like Tornado Cash, Blender, and many others. The main goal of these mixers is to make it nearly impossible to trace if you are not a professional.

At that point, It’s nearly impossible to trace your crypto or token if it entered a mixer.

Our suggestion is: Either spend your money on a professional investigation firm such as ours and let them gather if there is anything to do, they will inform you in all ways possible. If you don’t have money, then try to identify the culprit with the information before the scam/hack you have.

Usually, investigation firms ask for relatively around 10k$ and only engage if the stolen funds’ value is over 100k$.
At Analybits: we like to help communities, organize victims, and can assist if the cumulative scam/hack amount is around 50k$ and higher. We believe in community.

2-Tracing the stolen crypto — the endpoint is a CEx

You are lucky if your stolen funds are ended up with Binance, FTX, Kucoin, Coinbase or Kraken, or any other regulation and customer-friendly crypto exchanges.

Some of cexes don’t engage with investigation or regulation authorities, in that case, they are often sanctioned, but it’s a rare possibility because these exchanges are blacklisted and don’t have enough liquidity for a withdrawal.

If you are certain that you are scammed and your crypto is ended at a centralized exchange, we can communicate on your behalf with the exchange and let them freeze funds till we take litigation action.

Without a judge or a court decision, you won’t be able to get a refund from any CEx or blockchain/crypto firm.

And here is a service that only Analybits offers to you. We will analyze victims and will take litigation action, or we will pick a local partner to take litigation action on behalf of the victims. It’s the most optimal solution to prevent any losses, and we are the only firm that can provide such services.

3-Tracing the stolen crypto — the endpoint is a wallet address

In the case that scammer/hacker don’t move the funds and waits, often they want to be forgotten by the community, and people accept funds are lost and nothing to do. Or they want to use some services, but conditions are not met yet.

It's a psychological battle. Blockchain analytics services are improving and updating themselves every day. And sooner or later, the hacker/scammer would need to move funds.

If you are uncertain that there is not enough evidence to identify and catch the culprit, our recommendation is not to spend your funds but to trace the wallet until a new move occurs. But the evidence understanding can differ between you and us; we advise you to consult a blockchain criminal lawyer for precise evidence analysis.

If you aren’t sure you can do it by yourself, you can always communicate with us.


One of the major issues with hack/scam cases is payments. The victims always want to pay with some percent of recovered assets upon recovery.

Please never put all of your funds into a single protocol, layer, or vault. If you become a victim one day, you shouldn’t lose your entire life savings and be able to continue.

For the transactional part of your assistance, we don’t accept contingency and ask for full payment upfront.

For the litigation part of your assistance, depending on our local partner who will represent you before the investigation and courts, we may work on contingency with some upfront payment for filings. For that part, the wish of the local partner is also important, but we will be happy with the local partner’s choice since he/she will be doing most of the work.

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